Truskavets hotels – a holiday for every taste and wallet

Truskavets hotels are one of the best choices for accommodation and treatment at the resort. Perfect for family holidays, relaxing on weekends with friends or traveling for medical purposes, as well as for large conferences. Truskavets hotels welcome guests from all over the world throughout the year. There are about thirty hotels of different comfort levels in our town.

Most of the hotels have their own medical facilities, spa areas, restaurants, and provide interesting entertainment (billiards, tennis, bowling, parties, etc.). The rooms meet the international standards of hotel business.

Truskavets hotel industry has a high level of competition, which stimulates the improvement of the service levels and the quality of service for holidaymakers. Neither of the Truskavets hotels oblige you to purchase a tour for a fixed period. The guests themselves decide as to the length of the vacation.

SPA hotels in Truskavets

Truskavets SPA hotels with swimming pools, steam bath complexes (sauna, steam room), massages and various spa treatments are particularly popular among the resort’s guests. The Svityaz  Resort – Hotel, for example, combines comfortable rooms with a modern spa area in a relatively small space.

What could be better than spending a weekend or taking a short break to benefit you at a spa hotel? Truskavets is one of the few cities in the Western Ukraine where Wellness and SPA directions are well developed.

There are also spa complexes in the city that can be visited without accommodation in hotels. One of them is the Med-Palace Medical Center, which is part of the five-star Mirotel Resort & Spa. The rates for spa treatments are affordable to the middle class, and their quality corresponds to well-known international resorts.

Hotel prices in Truskavets

The pricing policy depends on the location and the range of services provided by the Truskavets hotels. The prices include:

  • location of the institution regarding the city infrastructure;
  • living conditions and availability of certain amenities;
  • additional services (parking, safe-deposit box, meals, entertainment);
  • room category booked;
  • recreation season (time of year, holidays).

Reviews of Truskavets Hotels

Most guests of the city confirm that hospitality and the quality of services are higher in Truskavets than in other resort cities of Ukraine. If you are interested in holidaymakers’ opinions about the Truskavets hotels, the reviews on our website’s pages will give you useful information at first hand.

Official information about the Truskavets hotels

The Truskavets Information and Resort Center has a complete information base on all the Truskavets hotels (location, treatment capacities, and official contact information) which you can find on the page of the hotel of interest. We do not provide booking and accommodation services, but you will be able to book a hotel room by contacting the official contacts. You are welcome in Truskavets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These hotels include Oscar, Sani, Nabi, Helly, Solamia, Lion Yard (Dvoryk Leva), Senator, Oriana, Club pH

Truskavets Luxury Hotels are Rixos-Prykarpattya, Mirotel Resort & Spa, Royal Geneva Hotel

The most popular hotels are Higina Spa, Mirotel Resort & Spa,Lisova Pisnya, Rixos-Prykarpattya, Resort –Hotel Svityaz, Royal Geneva Hotel

Mirotel Resort & Spa, Svityaz and Oscar hotels are conveniently located in the city center

Proud modern SPA center owners are Rixos-Prykarpattya, Mirotel Resort & Spa, Royal Geneva Hotel, Chalet Graal, Lisova Pisnya, Resort –Hotel Svityaz, Higina Spa, and Green Park Hotel. Hotels with a swimming pool are Naftusya and Nabi

Hotels with medical center facilities are Chalet Graal, Rixos-Prykarpattya, Mirotel Resort & Spa, Resort –Hotel Svityaz, Royal Geneva Hotel, Mariot

Hotels with pump rooms are Rixos-Prykarpattya, Mirotel Resort & Spa, Alkor, Truskavets 365 Hotel, Lisova Pisnya

Best suited for family vacations are Lisova Pisnya, Chalet Graal, Truskavets 365 Hotel, Mirotel Resort & Spa, Rixos-Prykarpattya, Royal Geneva Hotel.