Rules of accommodation

1. In order to avoid misunderstandings you should closely familiarize yourself with the place of accommodation, conditions of your stay, while buying the tour. You should also know the exact address of your sanatorium-resort institution; 2. Required documents for your check-in: accommodation voucher passport For children: original of birth certificate (under 16 years) for children […]


Nourishment in Truskavets Most sanatoriums provide with the dietary nutrition in accordance with several types of diets, where one type will be recommended by your doctor. The administration of resort institution is responsible for the quality and caloric content of the proposed food, if nothing else is listed in the contract or voucher. If you […]


Treatment in Truskavets 1. Your treatment starts with the first appointment with a doctor. On the basis of your data, you’ll receive prescriptions of procedures included in the price of your pass. Possibly, some additional analyses or procedures for extra charge will be recommended. If you want to extend the list of your procedures for […]