Truskavets, 82200 Boryslavska Street 1,2 e-mail: Phone number: +38(03247) 5-11-92 – Department of the health resort development Phone number: +38(03247) 5-42-34 – Truskavets informational health resort centre Fax: +38(03247) 6-66-77 E-mail:

City transport

Timetable of buses Route №2 Motion chart: every day 6:45-21:00 Cost: 5 UAH. Final stops: Railway station – Pumproom №2 Route №3 Motion chart: every day 6:45-17:00 Cost: 5 UAH. Final stops: City hospital – Pumproom №2

Medical aid in Truskavets

TRUSKAVETS CITY HOSPITAL 82200, Lviv region, Truskavets, Danylyshynykh Street, 62 Stasyk Igor- hospital directorPhone number: (247) 5-13-45 Departments: reception (phone number: 5-33-53) urology (phone number: 5-23-88) surgery (phone number: 5-34-41) pediatrics (phone number: 5-36-53) pathology of pregnancy (phone number: 5-16-03) therapy (phone number: 5-54-08) gastroenterology (phone number: 5-36-61) gastroenterologic rehabilitation of adults anesthesiology laboratory (phone […]

Historical Background on Truskavets

History of Truskavets The first written reminiscence of Truskavets dates back to 1427. Archeological findings, particularly, Roman combat pole weapon – bec de corbin, 4th century A.D. – prove the fact that Truskavets territory might have been the scene of fighting of Goths together with Prykarpattya tribes headed by Carps on the one side and […]

Resort Truskavets, Ukraine

The first written mention of Truskavets relates to 1469 . Today it is a small but amazingly beautiful green city. Wonderfully its location – a picturesque valley in the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians , gentle wooded slopes and streams . But the main thing – the purest Carpathian air and the subsoil rich in mineral waters. And yet few people know that here, 4 kilometers from the Maximus , in Borislav , is a deposit of ” mountain wax ” – ozokerit . It is unique in the world , and therefore unique natural formation of important medicinal substance used for the treatment in sanatoria Maximus . This city is rightly proud of Lviv region . Truskavec consistently leads the ranking of Ukraine ” Best Cities for Life” .

History of Truskavets Carpathian

But the beginning of its history spa resort Truskavets Ukraine rightly said in 1827 . It was then at the local tavern equipped with a small space for 8 cabins for receiving baths. Chemical analysis of water sources has become an additional incentive for further development of organized Maximus as a resort . The city is rapidly gaining a European level : to build villas, hotels , pensions and hostels Maximus. And today, walking around Truskavets , you can admire the amazing architecture preserved mansions.

Tourism in Truskavets

Early 20th century was marked by European Truskavetc recognition as a health center. Since 1912, the city is connected by direct rail links not only with Lviv, but major European cities . In 1913 he was awarded Truskavec Grand Gold Medal for achievements in the development of medical base , development and construction .

Truskavets today

Everyone who comes to this resort town , do not cease to admire . Of course, more than those traveling for the purpose of healthier . Annually in Truskavets on vacation is about 900 thousand tourists from around the world . At the same time the most reasonable prices in sanatoria and from mid-January to late March and from October to December . Yes, Truskavets popular not only in summer but also in the New Year period.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have appreciated and spa facilities of the resort and professionalism of resorts and hotels Truskavets , and a modern infrastructure, including the magnificent SPA centers and attractions city ​​and surrounding regions.