Truskavets Villas – a long history and modern standards of service

Truskavets Villas offer comfortable and successful vacation at the resort. You are guaranteed a palette of unforgettable experiences, pleasant memories and wonderful photos. The antique villas are made of wood in the ancient Zakopane style, in which Truskavets originally developed. The villas are located in the heart of the resort, near the healing mineral waters of our health city, in particular. The atmosphere of the ancient years has been preserved during the reconstruction of each villa. Truskavets has about 20 villas, some of which are monuments of culture: Goplana, Grazyna, Svitiazianka, Pid Bozhoyu Matiryu (“Under the Mother of God”), Kluberg, Pid Kosynirom, Postiy and others.

One of the first villas of Truskavets appeared in the 19th century. Villa Viktoriya is an architectural monument, the oldest one built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1901. It was renovated in 2004 to preserve its original appearance.

Each villa has its own history and a long list of famous guests from different eras who have recovered and spent their vacation at the villa. Among them were European presidents, famous writers, actors and sportsmen.

Vacation at the villas is suitable for guests who do not require intensive treatment and regular visits to wellness procedures. Generally, each villa can accommodate 10 to 50 holidaymakers. They are equipped with small private spaces with outdoor seating areas.

Generally, all Truskavets villas provide accommodation, meals and entertainment (table tennis, billiards, etc.). These holiday establishments are great for a family trip, or traveling with friends, or taking a quiet, relaxing holiday on your own. What you feel when you are in Truskavets is home coziness and staff friendliness.

Prices for accommodation in villas

Prices for holidays in villas differ. They depend on the season, location of the building and class of the rooms. The cost of living is also determined by the meals provided (buffet, diet menu, three meals a day). Almost every villa has its own cafe or restaurant offering Ukrainian and European cuisine menus.

Reviews of the Truskavets villas

Actual room photos, only genuine guest reviews not edited or deleted, will help you make the right choice, a great accommodation option for your holiday.

Official information about all Truskavets villas

On the website of the Truskavets Information and Resort Center, you will find all the useful information about villas in Truskavets, current contacts, and locations on the map of the resort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Inexpensive villas include Marta, Jasmin, Lidiya, Lisova Pisnia Villa.

Guests’ favorite villas are thought to be Sofia, Kristina, Anastasia, Viktoriya.

The following villas are conveniently located in the city center: Viktoriya, Mozart, Tavryda, Sonyachna.

Famous for delicious food are Marta, Legend, Anastasia, Mozart.

Suitable for the recreation of the whole family are Jasmin, Sofia, Marta, Sonyachna.

Pets are allowed in the Sofia villa per prior agreement with the administration.