Family hotels in Truskavets

Having in mind recreation with children in the Carpathians? Truskavets is a perfect place for a family vacation. Many hotels in Truskavets are equipped with children’s playrooms, offer free accommodation for children under 6, and provide babysitting services. Our short list will help you make an advantageous decision.

  • Lisova Pisnya Resort Hotel offers free accommodation for children up to 12 years old, and each room is equipped with a kitchen for cooking. There is a lot of entertainment for children of all ages here- Tubing Park, Rope Park, interactive playrooms – all on site.
  • Hotel “Truskavets 365” offers almost the widest selection of entertainment for children and family vacations. There are several playrooms for children of different ages. The hotel’s administration also organizes many interesting excursions.
  • Mirotel Hotel invites children to immerse themselves in the “Alice in Wonderland” fairy tale with the help of playgrounds based on this book. There are various programs for intellectual and creative development of children.
  • Rixos Prykarpattya Resort Complex organizes children camps in summer. On its territory, there are many sports grounds, a mini-park and a summer water park.
  • “Karpaty” Sanatorium is the owner of a wonderful “Pidhirya” (Foothills) park. In addition, there is a swimming pool, a gym, playgrounds and a mini-zoo here. These hotels offer a maximum of useful services for children and parents. They are all equipped with children’s playrooms and playgrounds, have delicious wholesome cuisine and interesting excursion programs.

Of course, this is not a complete list of places to rest with children at the resort. Truskavets is a place where rest will be fun and useful for all family members and there are many interesting places >>> that contribute to this.