How to get to Truskavets by rail

Timetable for station Truskavets (Ukraine)

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Train numberRouteFrequency from the start station of the routeTime Arr.Dep. time.Arrival at the final station
41Dnipro Truskavets w 27/10/19 everyday11:0314:2611:03
Kiev Truskavets w 27/10/19 everyday08:0720:1208:07
Truskavets Kiev w 27/10/19 everyday07:3319:4907:33
42Truskavets Dniprow 27/10-7/11, 10-28/11/19 everyday09:3213:0309:32

Timetable of commuter trains

ItineraryDep. Arr.En route
6008Truskavets – Lviv05:4608:202:34
6010Truskavets – Lviv09:5212:322:40
6012Truskavets – Lviv16:2819:222:54
6014Truskavets – Lviv20:0023:053:05

For now, there may be a slight change in the schedule or random differences.
To ensure reliability, plan schedules with current station information!