Club pH Hotel

About Hotel Club pH

Hotel “pH Club” offers comfortable accommodation (300 m to the lower pump room) and diet food in the cafe at the hotel.

Medical Center “Club pH” offers examination and treatment, programs to cleanse the body at the cellular level, prevention of premature aging, programs for diabetics and other treatment programs.

Accommodation at Club Club pH

Each room has air conditioning, TV, telephone, refrigerator, bathroom, kettle, hair dryer.


Two-room attic suite


Superior Suite

Treatment at the Club pH Hotel

Medical Center “Club pH” offers:

  • examination and treatment
  • programs for cleansing the body at the cellular level;
  • prevention of premature aging;
  • programs for diabetics;
  • anti-cellulite and antiparasitic programs;
  • production of individual orthopedic insoles.

Cleansing is the path to health.

We offer 7-day programs of complete cleansing of the body, restoration of energy balance and rehabilitation programs.


Club PH Hotel is located in the center of Truskavets (200m from the central pump room and 150m from the central water hospital).

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