New perspectives of treatment

Minimally invasive surgery Truskavets city hospital has widened the spectrum of surgical aid. New equipment of Karl STORZ, Olimpus, Dornier, Alpinion meets the level of European clinics. Minimally invasive interventions are held with the assistance of leading professionals of Lviv regional hospital , professors and tutors of Lviv medical university. Since June 2012 there is a […]


Restorative treatment in Truskavets Restorative treatment, or rehabilitation in Truskavets is a big complex of measures, aimed at the fastest and most complete recovery of patients and disabled people and their return to the active and mobile lifestyle. Indications for rehabilitation Restorative treatment is a must for those, who had surgical intervention on gallbladder, kidneys, […]


Diagnostic methods: ultrasonic diagnostics, gastroduodenoscopy, daily monitoring of arterial pressure, rheocardiography, rheoencephalography, rheohepatography, rheopulmonograph, capillaroscopy, variability of heart rhythm, laboratory diagnostics (general clinical, biochemical, immunological parametres), immunological tests etc..

Methods of treatment

Methods of treatment in Truskavets In sanatoriums and villas the most modern methods of treatment are used: balneotherapy, hydroozonotherapy and physiotherapeutic procedures, there are more than 120 kinds of methods. Here are the main methods of treatment in Truskavets resort. Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is a therapeutic usage of air, saturated by volatile substances of plants. Aromatic […]

Indications for treatment

The main profile of Truskavets is the treatment of   urological diseases. Gastroenterological diseases, diseases of endocrine system, muskuloskeletal apparatus, cardiovasular system and other are also successfully cured in the resort. Every year many thousands of tourists from all the world visit the resort for prophylaxis and treatment of numerous diseases, general health improvement and […]

Naftusya: history, research, healing effect

History of Naftusia 1827 is considered to be an official birth date of Truskavets resort. That year a hydrotherapy hospital with 8 cabins for mineral baths was opened. But not chlorine-sodium waters made Truskavets well-known. The worldwide fame of Truskavets resort is without any doubt a merit of healing Naftusya water, which was first mentioned […]