Indications for treatment

The main profile of Truskavets is the treatment of   urological diseases. Gastroenterological diseases, diseases of endocrine system, muskuloskeletal apparatus, cardiovasular system and other are also successfully cured in the resort.

Every year many thousands of tourists from all the world visit the resort for prophylaxis and treatment of numerous diseases, general health improvement and strengthening of immunity. Good results in treatment are reached owing to complex action of such factors as mineral waters of the resort, physiotherapeutic and balneotherapeutic procedures.

Indications for treatment in Truskavets resort

Diseases of kidneys and urinary tracts:

  • chronic pyelonephritis, latent forms of pyelonephritis, pyelonephritis with anomalies of kidney and urinary tracts,
  • conditions after surgery, condition after removal of stones,
  • congenital renal anomalities,
  • urolithiasis with sole and multiple stones in kidneys and urinary tracts,
  • chronic prostatitis,
  • vesiculitis and cystitis.

Diseases of digestive system:

  • chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, esophagitis,
  • hepatitis, conditions after infectious hepatitis,
  • cholecystitis and angiocolitis,
  • gallstone disease, except forms, which need surgery,
  • dyskinesia of gallbladder, biliary tracts and intestines,
  • latent form of chronic pancreatitis without often exacerbations,
  • chronic colitis and enterocolitis, except stenosis, tuberculosis, ulcerative, bacterial and parasitical forms.

Diseases of the respiratory system:

  • chronic bronchitis and tracheitis,
  • lung emphysema and bronchial asthma,
  • pneumosclerosis etc.

Other diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus on stable compensation stage,
  • diseases of blood circulation organs (atherosclerosis, hypertonic disease, endarteritis, ischemic heart disease),
  • diseases os skin (allergic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, lichen, seborrhea),
  • diseases of spine (osteochondrosis, kyphoscoliosis),
  • diseases of joints and peripheral nervous system (collagen diseases, rheumatism, neuritis, plexitis),
  • immunodeficiencies etc.