New perspectives of treatment

Minimally invasive surgery

Truskavets city hospital has widened the spectrum of surgical aid. New equipment of Karl STORZ, Olimpus, Dornier, Alpinion meets the level of European clinics. Minimally invasive interventions are held with the assistance of leading professionals of Lviv regional hospital , professors and tutors of Lviv medical university. Since June 2012 there is a possibility to stent and catheterize ureters and kidneys. Hospital also successfully organizes contact lithotripsy (fragmentation of stones in ureters and urine bladder under videomonitoring). This operation significantly reduced the duration of in-patient treatment and became an alternative to extracorporeal lithotripsy of ureteral stones of distal 1/3.

Purchase of new ultrasound apparatus for surgical building provides a possibility to organize ultrasound-controlled manipulations: punctures of prostate, testes, large kidney cysts, installation of percutaneous nephrostomas, paracentetic cystostomas. After these manipulations patient can lead an active life on the next day.

Apart from that, urological department provides transurethral resection of prostatic adenoma and bladder tumors (TURP, TURBT). Such treatment shows better results than open operations and reduces post-operational period.
Also Truskavets city hospital provides hysteroscopic operations,  cosmetic laser coagulation of veins for patients with varicosis of lower limbs.

Introduction of laparoscopic urological, surgical, gynecological and arthroscopic operations will be the next stage. One of the closest plans includes purchase of roentgen-transparent table with an arch for percutaneous lithotripsy (fragmentation) of big renal stones. In this case the hospital will create a completely closed cycle of treatment of urolithiasis in one place – radical short-term minimally invasive urology and following intensive  rehabilitation in conditions of sanatoriums. Thus,  Truskavets is going to be ready for patients on any stage of urolithiasis with all possible complications.

Thus,  introduction  of minimally invasive urology and surgery   in Truskavets hospital motivates to cooperation both traditional and resort medicine, widens indications for treatment of specific patients and – as a result – increases the amount of resort visitors. This will benefit all, and first of all – people in need of effective treatment and recovery.