Terrarium EkZoterra

About EkZoterra terrarium

The animal exhibition / terrarium EkZoterra was opened in Truskavets thanks to the joint efforts of the management of the Truskavets Dolphinarium “Oscar” and the zoo “Limpopo” located in the village. Medenichi.

In the terrarium “Exotherra” there are about 25 species of animals, including:

  • Nile crocodile,
  • imperial python,
  • Madagascar iguanas,
  • varani,
  • turtles,
  • parrots and cockatoos,
  • lemurs,
  • mongooses,
  • ordinary toys.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00

Where is the EkZoterra terrarium?

The terrarium is located in the Dolphinarium “Oscar” on the street Gorodishche, 18.

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