Leisure in Truskavets

Natural attractions

Natural attractions

Natural attractions of Truskavets: parks, arboretums, landscape parks, ponds and bathing lakes.



Visitors to Truskavets museums will be able to get acquainted with the collection of materials and objects from the history and culture of the city.

Churches & Temples

Churches & Temples

Temples, churches and other monumental objects of religious significance.

Architectural monuments

Architectural monuments

Architectural monuments of Truskavets



The Dolphinarium in Truskavets guarantees a vivid experience, lots of positive emotions and an unforgettable vacation!

Active recreation

Active recreation

Active rest in Truskavets is a great opportunity to diversify your vacation with vivid impressions of sports tourism with family and friends.



The world's best movie masterpieces and premieres in Truskavets cinemas.

Night clubs

Night clubs

Today in Truskavets you will never be bored, visiting the night clubs of Truskavets will decorate your holiday with vivid impressions.



Shopping in Truskavets, information on supermarkets and shopping centers, locations, reviews.

Interesting nearby

Interesting nearby

Interesting places near Truskavets. Hiking trails and descriptions of places to visit in Truskavets.

Where to go and what to do in Truskavets?

The Ukrainian Carpathians are unsurpassed at any time of the year. There are many places for ecotourism, active recreation, and modern entertainment for different tastes. Truskavets resort is conveniently located almost in the center of this western Ukrainian “tourist island”. And although it is known primarily as a balneological resort, there is a lot to do for ordinary tourists too. Today we decided to talk about the features of the city and interesting places in Truskavets.

If you are asking questions like: “Where to go in Truskavets?”, or “What to do in Truskavets?”, then this article is for you. Leisure in Truskavets can be fun, interesting, and useful at the same time. How to get unforgettable impressions, a lot of amazing selfies, and relax wholeheartedly in Truskavets? Read on and you will find out everything.

What interesting places are there in Truskavets?

Natural attractions: parks, arboretums, ponds

The town of Truskavets is located in the foothills of the Carpathians, in the picturesque valley of the river Vorotishche, a tributary of the Solonitsa. And although the natural wealth of the resort are its mineral waters, there are also many attractions for tourists here. Truskavets resort is rich in natural attractions: garden and park, botanical – century-old trees, hydrological – springs of mineral waters and ponds. We will briefly tell you about the most interesting of them.

Adamivka Park

Adamivka Resort Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Truskavets. The year of foundation is considered to be 1895, and the park was named “Adamivka” thanks to one of the active initiators of its reconstruction – Count Adam Sapieha. The park has been considered a monument of the landscape art of Ukraine for several decades already. It is developed in the old English style and has dozens of species of trees and plants not typical of the area. Many of them were planted by the park’s gardener Józef Jablonski, who made a great contribution to its creation. Some trees have reached the age of over a hundred years already. However, there are also young trees – the park is constantly updated and supplemented with oddities.

Pidhirya Park

Another very beautiful green area in the resort is the landscape park “Pidhirya”. It belongs to the “Karpaty” sanatorium but is open free of charge for all guests of the resort. This is a kind of an ethnic open-air museum. It has many statues, figures, and sculptures of ethnic motifs of various meanings. Christian, pagan, and mythological figures invite you to plunge into the distant past.

There is also a pond, a colorful cafe “Grazhda” and even a small zoo in Pidhirya Park. It is especially interesting to see the Amur leopard and lynx, and the zoo also features proud deer and peacocks. Paved paths, benches, gazebos, trimmed grass – all done for the comfort of vacationers. In 2008, the park received the highest award of the National Award “Blooming Ukraine 2008” – the Grand Gold Medal in the field of landscape architecture and design.

Restaurant complex “Kozatsky Khutir”

“Kozatsky Khutir” is a recreation complex located near the resort of Truskavets, namely – 1200 m north of the highway from the bus station. The area is arranged so that vacationers can swim, sunbathe on an artificial sandy beach, eat deliciously in a restaurant, and, if necessary, spend the night in summer houses. Children love bathing and swinging here the most.

For volleyball fans, there is a playing field. In total, there are 8 gazebos for recreation on its territory. The summer cafe on the beach will delight you with refreshing drinks, desserts, and snacks. There is also live music here. You can book a room in one of the two houses. Each of them contains 4 rooms.

If you come to celebrate some event, be sure to use the restaurant. Two halls can accommodate almost a hundred guests and the same number can be accommodated on the veranda.


The history of Truskavets and its outstanding artists is best learned in the city’s museums. Here are the visual exhibits of its development and achievements. In total, the city has three museums. The youngest of them, the Diocesan Museum, was founded in 1998 and tells in an exhibition form about the activities of famous figures of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine – Patriarch Joseph the Blind, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Archbishop Josaphat Kuntsevych. Connoisseurs of sacred art will love it.

Museum of the History of Truskavets

Muzey Istoriya Truskavtsya 279x186 - Сhurch of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary

The Museum of the History of Truskavets is located in the central part of the city. It can be visited any day from 10.00 to 18.00 except Saturday at the address: 2 Maidan Sichovykh Striltsiv. It has 7 halls, 2 of which are exhibition halls. The museum was founded in 1982 in the wooden estate “Villa Sariusz”, which belongs to the architectural monuments of the early twentieth century. The museum covers the history of the region and the way of life of the highlanders (pidhiryany or boykos), their formation, national struggle. In the basement, you can see the recreated “insurgent hideout” with the maximum approximation to the real style.

Mykhailo Bilas Art Museum

The Mykhailo Bilas Art Museum has been operating in the center of Truskavets since 1992. It is dedicated to the works of the outstanding Ukrainian artist, which are presented in 12 halls with more than 150 exhibits. This is the first museum that was opened during the artist’s lifetime. Mykhailo Bilas lived from 1924 to 2016. His work is known far beyond Ukraine and is not limited to fine arts. The museum also presents the master’s textile works: pastels, tapestries, carpets, pillows, panel art, applications, decorative flowers.

The museum is housed in an architectural monument of the early twentieth century – Villa Goplyana. The museum also often presents the works of other masters – artists, sculptors. During its operation, it showed visitors over two hundred exhibitions.

Architectural monuments

Truskavets is rich in architectural monuments, both new and those that were installed decades ago. Ancient architectural monuments also include the pump rooms “Edward”, “Yuzya” and “Ferdinand”, which are part of the nature reserve of the resort, and their overhanging wooden structures are architectural monuments of local significance. Pump rooms are located in the Truskavets Resort Park. The Ferdinand spring was formed on the site of an old ozokerite mine.

One of the new architectural monuments is the Statue of Christ the Savior in Truskavets on Lesya Ukrainka street on the  Hoshiv Hill. Here you can see one of the best panoramas of the city because the statue is installed at the highest point of Truskavets on a 3-meter pedestal. The statue itself is 9 meters high. This is a reduced copy of the world-famous 40-meter statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Truskavets is very rich in architectural monuments. Monuments to prominent national and religious figures of Ukraine, writers, and artists are placed in the city. Among them are the most famous monuments to Stepan Bandera, Taras Shevchenko, Adam Mickiewicz, Ivan Franko, Pope John Paul II, and others.

Special attention should be paid to the wooden villas and boarding houses of Truskavets, which give the city a unique color and are considered to be architectural monuments of the city.

Oscar Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium “Oscar” opened in 2015 on 18  Gorodishche street, and immediately became a real highlight of the resort. After all, so many positive emotions can be obtained from communication with sea friends and from their enchanting performances! The dolphinarium is interesting to visit not only for children but also for adults. Dolphins and fur seals perform here.

Services that can be ordered:

  • swimming and photo session with dolphins,
  • dolphin therapy,
  • romantic show,
  • birthday celebrations,
  • gift certificate.

Oscar entertainment and recreation complex has also equipped a wonderful terrarium and a mini-zoo on its territory. Here children can see small exotic creatures in conditions that are close to real: turtles, parrots, monkeys, snakes, lizards, lemurs, and others.

The entertainment complex is open daily, except Mondays. On weekdays, performances take place at 12.00 and 16.00, and on weekends – at 11.00, 14.00, and 17.00.

Temples and Churches

Western Ukraine has always been deeply religious, so throughout its history, it has housed a large number of temples and churches. Truskavets is no exception, there are about 10 buildings of religious significance on its territory. Some of them are historical monuments of the city.

The most popular among tourists are:

  • Cathedral of St. Nicholas,
  • Polish Church,
  • Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin,
  • Church of Elijah the Prophet,
  • St. Elijah’s Church.

These buildings attract by their historical significance, magnificent architecture, and interesting legends. By visiting them you will receive a special peacemaking pleasure.

Entertainment for children in Truskavets

truskavets resort kids 01 279x186 - Сhurch of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary

Truskavets is focused on family vacations, so there is a lot of entertainment facilities for children. Children’s entertainment centers with playrooms, trampolines, inflatable castles, children’s labyrinths, and outdoor playgrounds are popular. The city offers a wide range of such entertainment for children. There are also slot machines, electric car rides, carousels, attractions, and shooting galleries.

Kaleidoscope Children’s Town

Kaleidoscope Children’s Town is located near the resort park in the western part of the city on 54 Sukhovolya street, the third floor of the “TKS” shopping center (“Fourchette” supermarket). It is an amusement park that combines a children’s maze for the youngest, a children’s cafe, and many slot machines. In rainy weather, you can have fun in comfortable conditions. Orders for children’s celebrations are also accepted. Children get great pleasure from being here. After all, they have the opportunity to make new friends, communicate with peers, and get a lot of positive emotions.

“Other World” Art Workshop

truskavets resort inshyi svit 01 279x186 - Сhurch of the assumption of the blessed virgin mary

Another interesting place for entertainment in Truskavets is the art workshop “Another World”. It is located on 11 Shevchenko street, opposite the “CUBE” shopping center. Here you will plunge into a parallel amazing world with the help of modern technologies and optical illusions. A skillful combination of cognitive and entertaining activities allows you to get good emotions and have them noted in photos.

At the service of visitors:

  • 3D photo area with 23 installations in which you get a photo with the effect of direct presence;
  • Gallery of optical illusions with pictures that show how the brain works when envisioning images;
  • The room of curved mirrors will allow you to laugh a lot, considering the reflection in 25 mirrors with different curvature effects;
  • The planetarium presents a selection of 20 educational videos that will tell about the planets of the solar system, the underwater world, vanished civilizations, and the origin and development of the globe.
  • A professional photographer works in the room, which will allow you to capture in the photo, the most interesting moments of your family trip.

The world of animals

You can get acquainted with our smaller friends – animals – by ordering horse and pony riding services. Sanatorium “Karpaty” has its own horse base and hippodrome located outside the city. Hippotherapy sessions are held here, you can order horseback riding, sleigh rides, or carriages. Young children especially like little ponies. The private KoniPini stable will introduce them to a snow-white pony, which kids can also ride.

An unforgettable excursion will be to the Limpopo Zoo, located in the Medenychi village, Lviv region. Closer acquaintance with animals delights children, broadens their horizons, and allows them to get acquainted with the habits of animals in their environment. The menagerie has more than 500 animals of different species, which live on an area of ​​4 hectares. There are representatives of the big-cat family here, the most interesting of them – white lions and Ussuri tigers, lynxes, leopards, jaguars. It is also interesting for children to see real wolves, bears, monkeys, eagles, parrots, and many other birds and animals. The zoo has a playground, a cafe, and a souvenir shop. A trip to the zoo is a developmental recreation for children with long-lasting positive emotions.

Active Recreation

People of any age can actively spend their vacation in Truskavets. This place seems to be created by nature and supplemented by human labor for a full-fledged balanced exercise. Novelties that quickly took root in the resort were “Nordic walking” and yoga. Terenkurs (hiking trails) have long been used for recreational walking in the parks of Truskavets. Nordic walking is performed with two special poles that activate the muscles of the arms and neck when moving. It has a positive effect on posture, relieves neck pain, promotes weight loss, and improves heart and respiratory function.

Yoga classes at the resort can be traditional – for this purpose, yoga centers have been established in the city. And if you want to expand your knowledge in this direction, then go to one of the Yoga tours organized by the “Higina Spa” villa.

For cycling enthusiasts, there are bicycle and electric scooter rental shops. Choose the one you like and explore interesting places of the resort with convenient transport. Free and chargeable sports grounds are located throughout the city. The list includes not only playgrounds with simulators, but also tennis courts, volleyball and football fields, bowling and billiard clubs and more. And in winter, be sure to visit the new ski resort Bukovytsia, which simply enchants connoisseurs of winter fun!

Shopping, Markets, Souvenirs

One more entertainment is shopping. How can you go without shopping? The markets of Truskavets will help you stock up on interesting souvenirs and useful gifts for relatives.

The “wooden” souvenir market offers a wide variety of souvenirs made of Crimean juniper and other interesting materials. Here you can buy national clothes and symbols of western Ukraine, paintings, jewelry, wooden utensils. Carpets, blankets and clothes in the Hutsul style, are much appreciated by many foreigners.

The food market of Truskavets offers useful and natural products of local production. Fresh and dried mushrooms, berries and herbs, honey, medicinal herbal teas, and many other eco-friendly food products are made by the careful hands of the owners.

Shopping centers play a vital role in the life of the resort. In recent years, their number and quality of service has increased significantly. The city is one of the most important tourist centers in Europe, so it pays considerable attention to the trade sector.

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