Borzhava highland meadows

Borzhava mountain valley in autumn is an extremely impressive sight. Slopes and meadows burn like a huge bonfire and delight the eye with their warm colors. Only a few travelers have a luck to catch such autumn high in the mountains.

On the northern slope of Borzhava mountain valley there is a mountain Velyky Verkh (its altitude is 1598 m). The stream originates there from the large underground source (sometimes called “The Sea Eye”). The waterfall Shypit is situated on this stream at an altitude of 744 m above sea level. Its height is about 12 meters. The gorge of the waterfall is very picturesque. Beech forests together with the everlasting spruces make it attractive for the recreation. Moreover, the slopes with the ski lifts are very close to this place. The surrounding fertile forest are rich of mushrooms, and meadows – of blueberries and cowberries.

So, the touristic infrastructure is gaining pace every year. It is developing very fast. In winter skiing is popular, in summer people come to see beautiful landscapes and waterfalls on the stream and the largest lure – Shypit waterfall. The road to this place starts from the village Pylypets, which had been founded by shepherd Philip almost 600 years ago. The village is located at the altitude of 550 to 650 m above sea level. The road is half asphalt, and then covered by solid stones. Therefore, there is no problem to get here all year round. Enterprising businessmen and ordinary villagers have created here comfortable conditions for visitors in recent years. And each year this comfort is being improved. Houses are mostly made of wood, creating a special flavor of surrounding landscape.

There are old churches in the villages, supplementing the tourist attraction of this region. The village Pylypets has two churches: old wooden Greek Catholic and new stone Orthodox. These churches are built next to each other. Houses in the village Pylypets and surrounding villages are sturdy, constructed in different times. The construction is going at high pace and it causes a sharp increase in the price of land. Soon everyone will realize that the land in this province is priceless.

Another mountain range Beskydy is located in the north. That’s why the surrounding nature is not just wonderful, but unbelievably fabulous.

Villages Nyzhniy and Verkhniy Studeny, Pylypets, Podobovets, Rostoka, Izky are really interesting and attractive. The nearby village Kelychyn is a birthplace of Avgustyn Voloshyn – the president of Subcarpathian (Pidkarpatska) Rus-Ukraine (which joined Ukraine as a Zakarpatska region), who was tortured to death by Stalin`s executioners.

By the way, this beautiful place of Carpathians is very similar to the middle Ural mountains. So similar, that if a sleeping man was transferred from the mentioned Carpathian villages to the Middle Urals, he would not understand that he is 5000 km from home. Only after looking at the houses and infrastructure he would understand that he is not in the centre of Europe, but on the border of Europe and Asia.