Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic

About the international clinic

This new clinic was created to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation, taking into account the increasing flow of patients, continuous development and improvement of our rehabilitation system and high demanding of foreign patients to conditions of stay. The clinic is specially adapted to the needs of disabled people, especially children.

International clinic of rehabilitation started working in July 2003 in ecologically clean zone of Prykarpattya, in Truskavets resort. Total area of clinic is 14 000 m2.

The prototype of the clinic was an ancient monastery, where everyone could find support, warmth and cosiness. During creation of the clinic, the needs and specialties of disabled patients were taken into account. The special attention in the planning and design of the clinic was paid to the aesthetic design as an integral part of the treatment process. The building of the clinic, located near the lake, is decorated in Art Nouveau style, which is characterized by the liberation from old traditions and dogmas, expressiveness of architectural composition and usage of symbolic ornamentation. A birch tree, which has been known for a long time for its healing properties, was used in the interior design and furniture of the clinic. All halls are decorated with original floral ornaments, made by stained glass techniques with internal lighting. Stylized snowdrops and violets symbolize the spring awakening of nature. Decorative interior components, in addition to aesthetic impact, are aimed at the stimulation of the child`s motivation for recovery and liberation from the disease.

On the second floor of the clinic there is a restaurant, which can comfortably accommodate 180 people. Buffet there is adapted to the needs of disabled children. It will pleasantly surprise you by the variety of meat, fish, vegetable dishes and a wide range of favourite drinks, fruits and confectionery.

Patients and their attendants can spend their free time in a bar located on the first floor in the main hall of the clinic. Here, in a cosy atmosphere you will be proposed a wide range of drinks, snacks and confectionery.

Accommodation in an international clinic

Inpatient department of the clinic includes 100 wards, which provide all needed comfort to the patients and their attendants during the rehabilitation course. Modern design of wards, good contemporary furniture, convenient beds – all these makes a stay in the clinic home-like comfortable and cosy.

Spatious wards for 1, 2 and 3 patients with area from 24 m2, equipped with telephone, fridge, cable TV, internet access. Taking into account the special needs of patients, all rooms are equipped with bathrooms with area 6 m2. Dwellers can use all standard services – laundry, ironing, small repairs of clothes, etc. Security of accommodation of patients is provided by a system of electronic locks with reliable access control. Most of technological processes in clinic are automatized according to the “Clever house” concept.

Treatment in an international clinic

On the 1st floor of clinic, in cabinets of the tower and on the ground floor there are medical departments of clinic.
Diagnostical department is planned, taking into account the main task of System of intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation – determination of the functional condition of the patient, adaptive and compensatory abilities of his/her organism.

Modern diagnostic equipment gives the possibility to use a wide spectrum of neurophysiological examination, tests of respiratory and cardiovascular system, wide investigation of big motoric functions, analysis of gait, hand function and many other.

Spacious cabinets of rehabilitational departments are equipped with convenient furniture and modern rehabilitational equipment. They provide effective realization of medical procedures and create a needed comfort for medical workers of the clinic.

Specialized cabinets of mechanotherapy and therapeutic physical culture are equipped with various exercise machines for strength development, movement coordination, improvement of gait, gradual body verticalization. Several cabinets are specially adapted for trainings according to the program of biodynamic correction of movements and computerized rehabilitational game-therapy. Computer network of clinic and specially developed software significantly automatize and facilitate all medical documentation.


The clinic is located near a lake in a quiet and picturesque part of the resort town of Truskavets.

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