Kotsuban Yumeiho Massage

About massage salon

Kotsuban Yumeiho massage is a massage along the main massage lines with hypodynamic correction of joints. Oriental rehabilitation technique, created by Japanese master Masayuki Sayonji, who devoted his entire life to learning the best massage techniques.

The masseur, who has one of the best massage techniques “Kotsuban Yumeiho”, professionally restores the natural functions of the spine and all joints (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, pinching, protrusion, displacement, spondylolisthesis, hernia, lameness, clubfoot, crooked neck, crooked neck, crooked neck, crooked neck, crooked neck).

The massage session is performed on a warm mat. The Kotsuban Yumeiho technique includes a set of more than 100 massage techniques. These include stretching and hypodynamic correction of the spine (neck, chest and lower back) to relieve or relieve pain in the back, shoulders, neck, lower back, arms and legs, headaches, neuralgia.

Working days: Mon-Sat 08: 30–13: 00 17: 00–21: 00
Sunday is a day off.

Recording is only preliminary!

Services in the massage parlor

  • stretching of the neck, chest and lower back
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • rehabilitation after injury


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