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Gyms in Truskavets will allow you to keep yourself in perfect fitness while relaxing at the resort.

Hairdressers / Beauty salons

Hairdressers / Beauty salons

Information about hairdressers / beauty salons in Truskavets, location, contacts for further information.

Massage salons

Massage salons

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Truskavets SPA Centers will help to relieve stress, overweight and restore energy. The high level of service guarantees a quality holiday in Truskavets.

Wellness – your physical and spiritual health

The concept of wellness was first formulated by the American physician, Halbert L. Dunn in 1959, as a concept of a healthy lifestyle. In the United States, popularization of wellness began in the 1960s. However, in Ukraine this word has gained popularity only recently. So, what is wellness and why is it gaining more and more attention all over the world? Wellness means achieving a high level of health, well-being, longevity, the discovery of inner potential, achievement of perfect mental and physical balance. To practice wellness you need to pay special attention to:

  • balanced physical activity,
  • proper nutrition,
  • constant improvement of mental abilities,
  • recovery and relaxation,
  • spiritual harmony and development,
  • physical improvement, body care and care for natural beauty.

Such approach to health not only ensures well-being, it teaches to value oneself as an individual, feel confident in the social environment and increase the longevity of the nation. So, to sum it up, we can say that wellness is an ideology of a healthy lifestyle that forms a complex of physical, spiritual, social health, and active longevity. As Paul Pilsner, the economist and analyst, the economic adviser to the President of the United States, put it: “Today, the main need of most people is not money, but health.” Therefore, following the concept of wellness, you will reach your maximum level in all areas of life.

Wellness Tourism

The main task of wellness is to go ahead of illnesses, prevent diseases and signs of aging not only externally but also on the internal level of a person. To do this, you need to remain active and take preventive measures to prevent various diseases. Not always, where we live, there are the necessary natural and economic factors available. Therefore, wellness tourism has become another interesting direction. Globalization allows you to take advantage of natural and medical resources around the world, choosing individually the best option for everyone. In Ukraine, wellness recreation is concentrated in the main tourist destinations in the south and west of the country. It is here that all the natural factors are complemented by advanced medical and technological resources. Ukraine has become a part of the global wellness trend not that long ago, but it has achieved extremely high results. Our country welcomes guests from all over the world, treats them to healthy national cuisine from environmentally friendly products, and provides some unsurpassed natural resources and temperate climate.

Wellness and SPA in Truskavets

The well-known resort town of Truskavets is considered the largest one in Western Ukraine when it comes to wellness tourism. In Truskavets, it is easy to take care of your health and beauty. If you are a fan of a Wellness lifestyle – Truskavets is the best place for your vacation in Ukraine. A variety of beauty salons, hairdresser’s shops, gyms, massage parlors and SPA-centers offer their services in Truskavets.

Wellness Recreation in Truskavets You can improve your emotional, physical and spiritual condition with the help of wellness. Truskavets offers trendy methods of healthy recreation all year round – from Nordic walking in summer to skiing in winter. In Truskavets, there is a wide choice of various healthy and active recreation facilities (gyms and fitness centers, yoga, outdoor sports grounds), a beautiful park with clean mountain air, which allows our guests to lead a healthy lifestyle and strengthen their immune system during a vacation at the resort. Beauty salons, hairdresser’s shops and cosmetology rooms provide a full range of services that will satisfy the most demanding visitors. A variety of massages and spa treatments will be a useful addition to effective rest and recovery in Truskavets. Hotels with their own treatment facilities, swimming pools and gyms are especially popular. Regardless of the weather outside the window, you can have a pleasant and beneficial time for your body here.

Wellness infrastructure of the resort

Wellness in Truskavets is a multifaceted modern infrastructure that functions in the areas of restoring health, active recreation, physical training, healthy eating, strengthening the immune system, relaxation, maintaining face and body beauty, and spiritual development. The main components of the wellness industry in Truskavets are:

  • Natural resources,
  • Balneology,
  • SPA centers,
  • wellness hotels,
  • health facilities,
  • gyms and fitness centers,
  • yoga centers,
  • sports grounds,
  • massage salons,
  • hairdresser’s shops and beauty salons,
  • Salt caves,
  • dolphinarium,
  • parks and natural attractions,
  • healthy eating places.

The wellness boom of recent years is increasingly focusing on traveling to authentic places with an emphasis on culture. Therefore, souvenir and ethno markets, national restaurants and local healthy food markets can also be attributed to the wellness infrastructure of the resort.

Ecology and natural resources of the resort

The main factors that guarantee a real wellness holiday in Truskavets include the unsurpassed mountain nature, climate and mineral waters. They give the guests of the resort their strength, healing and energy balance. Thus, where nature gives people its life- giving waters, wellness and SPA are always close by. Truskavets has achieved high results in this area. The city has a wide selection of spas of different price categories, hotels with swimming pools, beauty and massage salons.

Wellness hotels in Truskavets

Wellness tourism differs from medical tourism in that wellness tourists visit resorts for the purpose of rest and recovery, not treatment. The emphasis is on comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation to achieve inner satisfaction. That is why wellness hotels of Truskavets are especially popular, where the client’s convenience, well-being and comfort come first. For your own taste and wallet, you can choose both a 5-star premium hotel and a cozy smart wellness lodge.

“Med Palace” Medical Spa Center

One of the most popular institutions in the field of wellness in Truskavets is the “Med Palace” Medical Spa Center. It offers an extremely wide range of services for face and body care, rehabilitation with the help of modern techniques and the latest hardware. Med-Palace is known as one of the most modern medical institutions in Ukraine, which regularly introduces advanced technologies and methods of rehabilitation, has medical equipment novelties, as well as equipment for passive wellness procedures, conducts effective rejuvenation programs and provides advice of highly qualified specialists.

Fitness and yoga

Wellness trend is closely intertwined with going to fitness centers, gyms, and other techniques to achieve balance of mind and body. Only a comprehensive approach to nutrition, exercise, mental health, recovery, cosmetic procedures gives the right multifaceted concept of wellness. It is impossible to use only one of the methods to achieve inner harmony.

In Truskavets there are also institutions for balanced active sports programs. The most famous of them:

  • “Endorphin” Fitness Room
  • “Yoga Station” yoga studio,
  • “Med Palace” gym,
  • “Rixos” gym
  • “Chale Graal” gym.

Fitness and yoga classes will allow you to maintain excellent physical shape, improve your figure, and keep your muscles toned. In addition to professional sports equipment, there are cardio machines here to improve heart function. Even during your vacation, you will not lose your good looks, you will be able to enjoy your favorite workouts and improve your health.