Treatment in Truskavets

1. Your treatment starts with the first appointment with a doctor. On the basis of your data, you’ll receive prescriptions of procedures included in the price of your pass. Possibly, some additional analyses or procedures for extra charge will be recommended. If you want to extend the list of your procedures for extra charge, you MUST consult a doctor.

ATTENTION! The official list of procedures included in price is present in each resort. BUT! Only the doctor will finally determine it basing on your main diagnosis. Some procedures can be contraindicated (depending on your main diagnosis).

2. If you take any medicaments, don’t forget to take along required quantity of them with you and be sure to tell your doctor what medications you take.

3. Then you have to contact a nurse, who will work out your schedule of prescribed procedures.

4. Procedures are organized at the fixed time mentioned in your card. If you missed your time, the procedures would be organized as far as possible.

5. There are no procedures on Sundays.

*** Is it possible to go to the resort without a sanatorium card?

Yes, but you have to realise that:

1. prescription of the procedures is available if only the results of analyses and exact diagnostics are present. The diagnostics in sanatorium takes at least 2 days.

2. one can detect such diseases where any procedures will be contraindicated and a person will just enjoy the recreation, having payed the overall cost of the tour along with treatment. At the worst , one can detect such diseases where immediate departure or hospitalization is required.

3. the diagnostics for your sanatorium card is additionally paid in a number of sanatoriums. That is why it is better to draw up the card in the place of residence.

We hope our pieces of advice will help you, while you are in Truskavets.