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City Sloviansk (Ukraine)

Sloviansk (till 1784 it was called Tor, Tavr, then – Slovensk) is a city in Donbass region. It lies in the valley of Kazenny Torets river. Sloviansk is a district centre of Donetsk region. Its population is 124 800 people (2006 ).

Sloviansk is one of the biggest industrial centres on the region. It has 34 industrial enterprises, where machine building industry plays a leading role. The following industrial enterprises are the most important in Sloviansk: plant of heavy machine building (“Slovvazhmash”, main production – equipment for coke and metal industry), soda plant, ceramic plant, baking and meat factories, “Koksokhimmash”, salworks factory, “Budmash”, pencil factory etc.

System of health care includes 23 medical-prophylactic institutions. The Sloviansk resort plays a special role there. It includes three sanatoriums.