Villa Kluberg

About Villa Kluberg

The building was  built in 1907 at the request of a local resident, Mayer Kluberg, whom it was later named after. According to the architectural style, the villa is one of the brightest examples of Art Nouveau with elements of Swiss style. Since its construction, the villa functioned as a boarding house with rooms for rent for holidaymakers.

Since 2018, the restaurant “Kluberg” has been operating here. The author of the interior is the famous Lviv artist Vlodko Kostyrko. The walls of the restaurant were decorated with original wooden decorative elements dismantled from the facade during its restoration.

Where is Villa Kluberg?

Villa “Klyuberg” is located in the historic center of Truskavets, opposite the city council, at vul. Taras Shevchenko 1.

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