Sanatorium Perlyna Prykarpattya

About the sanatorium Perlyna Prykarpattya

“Perlyna Prykarpattya” covers about six and a half hectares, the most part of the territory is covered by park. The health resort itself is a 10-storey dormitory building with adjacent administrative-cultural and therapeutic buildings and also a canteen. All departments are connected by the passages. In the medical rehabilitational centre there is an own pump-room of mineral waters (water is brought there 3 times a day).

Diseases of gastroenterological profile (gastritis, duodenitis, cholecystitis, gallstone disease, pancreatitis, colitis, diabetes mellitus), urological profile (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, prostatitis).

Guests of medical rehabilitational centre can take food in the canteen of the health resort according to the dietology principles. Nutrition is organized in a buffet style.

Accommodation in sanatorium Perlyna Prykarpattya

Medical rehabilitational centre “Perlyna Prykarpattya” has rooms of following categories: double (standard, superior), single (standard, superior), single Junior suites, double suites with two rooms and an apartment (two bedrooms, cabinet, living room, billiards room, gym, mini-sauna).


Single improved


Double Superior

Junior Suite

Junior Suite improved


The suite is three-room

Two bedroom suite

Treatment in sanatorium Perlyna Prykarpattya

Medical rehabilitational centre “Perlyna Prykarpattya” proposes such highly informative investigations as fractional investigation of uroamylase, diagnostics of mineral metabolism, phospholipid tests and enzyme tests, pН-metry, lipid metabolism, detection of HBS-antigen, detection of PSA, detection of H. Pilori, ultrasonic diagnostics, fibrogastroscopy, rectoromanoscopy, rheography etc. Also the treatment can include ozokerite therapy, various methods of electrophototherapy, pneumomassage, mechanical massage, therapeutic massage, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (pressure chamber), speleotherapy (salt cave), hydrocolonotherapy.


Medical rehabilitational centre of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Perlyna Prykarpattya” is built in 1 km to the pump-room of mineral waters № 1, in beautiful green place. The beautiful view on the Carpathian mountains and a lake is opened from the windows of “Perlyna Prykarpattya”.

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