Sanatorium Almaz in Truskavets

About the sanatorium Almaz

Sanatorium “Almaz” has 968 places and works since 1975. It is a specialized sanatorium for treatment and prophylaxis of the patients with diseases of digestive organs, kidneys and urinary tracts, metabolic violations.

Main trends of treatment in Truskavets are diseases of kidneys and liver, biliary tracts and other.

In the canteen of “Almaz” the dietary nutrition is organized by two systems for an additional therapeutic effect: “standard nutrition” and “buffet”.

Accommodation in sanatorium Almaz

In the 11-storey building of the sanatorium “Almaz” there are the rooms of following categories: “Suite”, 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom “superior” apartments (about 15m2-20m2), standard rooms: 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments, single and twin rooms of “Economy-class” category (12 m2). List of the room facilities: mini-fridge (except “Economy-class” category – there is no fridge), TV, bathroom (toilet, washbasin, shower or bath).



Improved two-room

Comfort plus

Treatment in sanatorium Almaz

Treatment and diagnostics for visitors of sanatorium “Almaz” is organized in the hospital of balneo- and ozokerite therapy № 2, cabinets of doctors of main therapeutic trends of the resort, procedure cabinets of hydro- and balneotherapy etc. The hospital also provides ozokerite procedures (with applications of healing ozokerite, which is effective for prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases).


Near the sanatorium “Krystal”, near the trade centre “TKC”, opposite of the Pump-room of mineral waters № 2. You can see beautiful panoramas of Carpathians and the resort from the windows of “Almaz”.

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