Sanatorium Truskavets

About sanatorium Truskavets

Sanatorium “Truskavets” of the Security Service of Ukraine is a small, cozy sanatorium located in the center of the resort Truskavets. The convenient location will allow vacationers and guests of the sanatorium to quickly reach the pump room of mineral waters, the railway station or the market in 5 minutes of walking. The cases are compactly placed and connected by covered passages, which is very convenient. The sanatorium provides round-the-clock security and rest of vacationers with military protection.


The dining room has three halls in each of which food is organized in accordance with the prescribed diet, with the possibility of pre-ordering meals.


  • library
  • modern DVD movie theater
  • dance hall
  • beauty salon
  • parking
  • denture cabinet
  • pharmacy
  • cafe
  • children room

Accommodation in the sanatorium Truskavets

Comfortable and cozy rooms are located in three dormitory buildings of the sanatorium.




Junior Suite



Treatment in the sanatorium Truskavets

The treatment is carried out on the basis of the sanatorium and includes the full range of medical services and procedures typical for the resort of Truskavets:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • diseases of the digestive system (GI tract),
  • metabolic disorders,
  • gynecology and urology.


Sanatorium “Truskavets” is conveniently located 10 minutes walk from the train station, 5 minutes from the pump room of mineral waters.

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