Sanatorium Dnipro-Beskyd

About the sanatorium Dnipro-Beskyd

“Dnipro-Beskyd” is a modern sanatorium-hotel complex with an exemplary hospitality and high-quality service, highly qualified medical staff and modern medical equipment. All of that provides a comfortable rest and complete sanatorium treatment.

Treatment of urolithiasis, treatment of kidneys, liver, gallstone disease, metabolic diseases, etc. There is a variety of procedure cabinets in the therapeutic department. There is also a massage department, a dental cabinet and a pump-room of mineral water (water is brought there 3 times a day).

Beauty and sports
Dnipro-Beskyd sanatorium has billiards, sauna, pool (15m х 10m), gym, some beauty parlors.

All guests of sanatorium “Dnipro-Beskyd” can visit a restaurant-canteen and order standard or superior nutrition (buffet). In the building of sanatorium there are two bars, restaurant and a bar-shop.

Accommodation in sanatorium Dnipro-Beskyd

Sanatorium “Dnipro-Beskyd” can invite 951 visitor and has 531 room: twin (15-17 m2), single (15 m2), Junior suites, suites for 2 or 3 people (25-30 m2).

Dnipro building numbers

Single room

Double room

Junior Suite

Deluxe room

Beskid Corps Numbers

Single room

Double room

Junior Suite

Deluxe room

Treatment in sanatorium Dnipro-Beskyd

  • Biochemical blood analysis and determination of trace minerals on German biochemical analyzer “Humalyzer-2000″.
  • Rheography of vessels of brain, heart, liver and limbs on the computerised reographic apparatus.
  • Mammography on a French mammographic apparatus with the following consultation of the mammologist.
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis on a German extensive vibrostand.
  • Non-surgical treatment of prostatic adenoma on the Israeli apparatus “Thermaspec-1000TM”.
  • MRT – magnetic-resonance tomography.
  • Cleaning and hydromassage of colon by Colonohydromat.
  • Underwater shower-massage.
  • Pool and sauna.
  • Radon baths.
  • Turpentine baths.
  • Hydrogen sulfide baths.
  • Iodine-bromine baths.
  • Magnetoturbotron.
  • Whirling radon baths for feet.
  • Gynecological vaginal irrigations with usage of radone and iodine-bromine.
  • Vaginal and rectal swabs from Saki mud.
  • Leeching.
  • Speleocamera.
  • Nordic walking.

Reception of tourists is conducted by doctors of high category, including three doctors of medical sciences, two candidates of medical sciences, four honored health care workers.


Sanatorium Dnipro-Beskyd is situated at the entrance to Truskavets on a big beautiful territory, in about 20 minutes of walk from the central pump-room of mineral waters. Guests of the complex can also use the own pump-room of mineral waters.

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