About Bohema

The “Bohema” had opened in a quiet and picturesque corner of Truskavets in 2004. The word “Bohema” is a French word, which means creative intellectuals and people of art, that’s why this resort hotel is build in a unique and beautiful architectural style, which united local motifs and modern trends. But your impression of the outside appearance seems nothing once you come inside the resort hotel.


Treatment of urolithiasis, treatment of kidneys, liver, gallstone disease, metabolic diseases, etc. There is a variety of procedure cabinets in the therapeutic department. There is also a massage department, a dental cabinet and a pump-room of mineral water (water is brought there 3 times a day).


Nutrition of a restaurant kind – you can order dishes that you like the most and they will be cooked according to your taste and on a specified hour.

Accommodation in Bohema

A three-storey dormitory building has 20 places. It is located in one complex with a canteen, own pump-room of mineral waters, sports-fitness and therapeutic buildings. All rooms are designed for one or two visitors, equipped with fridges, satellite TVs, air conditioning, bathroom and shower-cabins (cold and hot water round-the-clock). There are also suites (2 rooms: living room, bedroom, bathroom, 2 toilets) and super-suites (4 rooms – entrance hall, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bath, shower cabin).





Treatment in Bohema

List and amount of analyses and procedures:

  • coniferous baths;
  • pearl baths;
  • coniferous pearl baths;


The resort hotel “Bohema” is located in the picturesque south-eastern part of Truskavets, opposite the lake with drinking water, in 15 minutes of walk from the central pump-room of mineral waters. It is situated near modern medical centres – sanatoriums “Perlyna Prykarpattya”, “Karpaty” and the International clinic of rehabilitation (Kozyavkin V.I.).

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