limanowa Limanowa (Poland)
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Limanowa is located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in Limanowa county in 25 km to the west from Novy Sacz, at the mouth of rivers Mordarka, Yablonets and Starovijsky, on the river Sovlina. In 1975-1998 the town administratively belonged to Nowosadecki Voivodeship. It has a direct railway connection with Novy Sacz and Krakow. There is a county and town government in the town and also a government of Limanowa gmina (municipality).

jaslo Jaslo (Poland)
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Jaslo is a county town in south-eastern part of Poland, in Subcarpathian Voivodeship (since 1999), located on an altitude from 225 to 380 m above the sea level at the crossing of rivers Visloka, Ropa and Jasiolka.
The Patron Saint of Jasło is Saint Anthony. According to the data of 2007, there are 38 104 inhabitants in the town.

peremishil Przemysl (Poland)
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Przemysl is located in 12 km from Ukraine-Poland border. It has 68 000 inhabitants, its territory is about 44 sq. km. Przemysl lies on Sian river on the crossing of important railway and car roads. It is a county centre of Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

sjanok Sianok (Poland)
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Sianok, Sianik, (in Polish - Sanok) is a town in Low Beskyd region, in the east of Horlytsko-Sianitsky basin, on Sian river. It belongs to the eastern Lemky region and is a county town of Krosno Voivodeship. Its population includes 31000 people (1974). Now Sianok is an industrial town (bus plant, rubber and ceramic factories, food industry). It has a regional museum with rich Ukrainian funds, namely icons from former “Lemkivshchyna” museum and a museum of folk architecture (Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego) of a skansen kind with rich materials from Lemkivshchyna, Boikivshchyna and Posiannya.

dzjaldovo Dzialdowo (Poland)
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Dzialdowo (first - Soldov) is a town and a gmina (municipality) in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in Dzialdowo county. Town lies on the river Dzialdovka (creek of the Vkra river).

annopol Annopol (Poland)
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Annopol is a town in Lublin Voivodeship, Krasnik county. It is located near Visla river and is a capital of gmina Annopol. In past the town had administratively belonged to Tarnobrzeg Voivodeship.
According to the data of December 31st, 2004 city had its population of 2679 people.

dolni kubin Dolny Kubin (Slovakia)
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Dolny Kubin is a town in northern Slovakia. It is located on the Orava river, in a valley between mountain ranges Mala Fatra, Oravska Magura and Khochski Verkhy. Its population is about 20 000 people.

watlingen Wathlingen (Germany)
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Wathlingen is an urban village (“Gemeinde”) in Germany, in Lower Saxony. It is a part of Celle district. Town ios governed by Wathlingen government. Its population is 6317 people. Its area is 17,68 sq. km.

druskininkai Druskininkai (Lithuania)
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Druskininkai (Druskininkai in Lithuanian, Druskieniki in Polish) is a resort town in the south of Lithuania and an independent administrative part.
Town is located on the right bank of Nemunas river at the estuary of Ratnycia river, in 129 km from Vilnius, in 128 km from Kaunas and in 42 km from Grodno. It is a final station of a railway branch (19 km) of Kaunas – Grodno railway. Druskininkai is a balneological, mud and climate resort.

ludza Ludza (Latvia)
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Ludza (till 1918 – Lyutsyn) is a town in the east of Latvia, in Latgalia. It is a district centre of Ludza district and a railway station the the Rezekne – Velyki Luky line. Its population is 10 247 people (2004).

Ludza is known since 1173 (one of the oldest towns of Latvia). In 1399 the Livonian order built a castle in the town on the place of former Latgalian castle, making Ludza an eastern outpost of Livonia. Town has Magdeburg rights since 1777.

daugavpils Daugavpils (Latvia)
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Daugavpils, also Dvinsk, is a Latvian city on the Daugava river (Western Dvina), near the border with Lithuania (25 km) and Belarus (33 km), It is the second biggest and the second important city of Latvia after its capital Riga.
It was founded in 1275.

Uniejów Uniejow (Poland)
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Uniejow is a town in Poland. It belongs to Lodz Voivodeship, Poddebice county. It has a status of town and village gmina. Its area is 12,33 km ², its population - 3 064 people.

slovjansk Sloviansk (Ukraine)
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Sloviansk (till 1784 it was called Tor, Tavr, then - Slovensk) is a city in Donbass region. It lies in the valley of Kazenny Torets river. Sloviansk is a district centre of Donetsk region. Its population is 124 800 people (2006 ).

Sloviansk is one of the biggest industrial centres on the region. It has 34 industrial enterprises, where machine building industry plays a leading role. The following industrial enterprises are the most important in Sloviansk: plant of heavy machine building (“Slovvazhmash”, main production – equipment for coke and metal industry), soda plant, ceramic plant, baking and meat factories, “Koksokhimmash”, salworks factory, “Budmash”, pencil factory etc.

System of health care includes 23 medical-prophylactic institutions. The Sloviansk resort plays a special role there. It includes three sanatoriums.