Restorative treatment, or rehabilitation in Truskavets is a big complex of measures, aimed at the fastest and most complete recovery of patients and disabled people and their return to the active and mobile lifestyle.

Restorative treatment is a must for those, who had surgical intervention on gallbladder, kidneys, urinary tracts and adenoma of prostate.

Patients with complicated traumas of spine, intra-articular fractures, amputation, congenital absence or hypoplasia of limbs are the most complicated patients for rehabilitation in Truskavets.

Rehabilitation programme is designed to help a patient to keep his physical condition during inpatient treatment, with the help of various physiotherapeutic influences accelerate reparative and compensatory processes, normalize psychoemotional condition and also effectively control the adaptational reactions in case of development of irreversible changes. Medical rehabilitation implies organization of prophylaxis, decrease of morbidity and development of new adaptive skills in people with disabilities.

Orthopedic patients must undergo so-called pre-operational rehabilitation, which is performed for their complete preparation for scheduled surgical operation with the aim of achieving the most successful result and maximally fast recovery in post-operational period. For this purpose, doctors can administer them passive (massage, physiotherapeutic procedures) and active measures (therapeutic gymnastics, trainings in a pool). A similar tactic is required for patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery, etc., after fractures, forced immobilization (for example, after removal of plaster or prolonged severe bed regimen), and in the presence of dysfunction of body parts or pain.

Rehabilitation implies an individual approach to each person with planning of optimal programmes of manual or apparatus massage, redressement, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical culture, psychological correction etc. Nowadays the spectrum of non-medicinal restorative measures is very wide and includes a range of various influences, which are combined in a certain scheme, taking into account a present clinical situation.